flávia mudesto


About Me

Born in 23th June 1990 – Belo Horizonte (BH/MG), Brazil

Mudesto is currently working with Audiovisual & Performances.
Since 2018, Mudesto is studying Contextual Painting (Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien) supervised by Ashley Scheirl .

Her artistic focuses are queer feminist theories & postcolonial studies. Especially dealing with the phenomenology of  “being in-between” environments, analyzing binary physical and conceptual dualities, such as pleasure & pain, self  & non-self, through the “re-configuration” of the body as a critical tool that responds to environment triggers. She investigates the possibility of an artistic and political occupation of the body, using live performance to deconstruct and heal through rituals that reflect queer habits and collective trauma.

Mudesto started in 2009 a degree in Psychology  (UFMG) while engaged with “Luta Antimanicomial “(Brazilian anti-asylum movement) and MST (Landless Workers Movement).

Due to the FAPEMIG Research schoolarship she developed research on Neuroscience & Decision Making under the supervision of Prof. Leandro Malloy. Motivated to study the human mechanisms in a distinct level, in 2011, she changed her studies to Pharmacy (UFMG) and also her academic research to the field of Molecular Medicine & Genetic Analysis, founded by CNPq Research scholarship and supervised by Prof. Luis de Marco.

In 2013 she got a Brazilian scholarship (CAPES) to study Bioinformatics (Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen). For two years as undergrad researcher at the Applied Bioinformatics Groupsupervised by Prof. Oliver Kohlbacher. 

While performing experiments in the field of Drug Design, Mudesto was reconnecting herself during this period with the personal need to engage actively in artistic communities. Besides the personal feminist angle of her work’s narrative, it also involves critique of bio-politics of interpersonality and addresses the deconfiguration of mainstream gender/power relations