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Mangez de la viande politiquement

performance elaborated by Mudesto with invited artists.
Vienna / Austria (2022-2023)

It is no longer enough to make political food: one must eat politically. Traditional food is characterized by its content.

Today, the formal problem is solved not by coming up with new, eye-popping stunts, but by constructing the flavour in a principally different way.

What Does It Mean to Eat Politically Today? It doesn’t mean pretending that everything is simple and you have an answer to every question: we’ll leave this stance to the parties and trade unions. Instead, each time we strive to include collective, participatory practices in the food’s making and thus seek new ways to exit the dead ends of political life.

“Eat meat politically” does not mean to make simply learning recipes. It means to show us the learning process itself.

Mangez de la viande politiquement (Eat meat politically) is a performance elaborated by Mudesto with the participation of invited artists.

EXHIBIT & Rundgang AKBILD (with Lia Quirina & Leandro Barros ) –
SPIT – TQW (with André Rachadel ) –